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About Us


About Us

DG McArdle International Ltd is a specialist provider of Transport & Logistics services throughout Ireland, the UK & Europe. The company has been in operation since 1993 and is a family owned operation. Our years of experience mean that our service is second to none. We adapt to the needs of every client and provide a quality cost - effective transport solution. Your goods will be treated with complete respect, we always ensure that each load we deliver is secure and protected and that it arrives at its destination in the condition that it should.

Our Fleet

Our modern fleet consists of 150 tractor units and more than 250 trailers all of which are fitted with GPS Tracking Systems. We offer a comprehensive range of trailers including both ambient and temperature controlled units.

In recent years, we have developed partnerships with many third party logistic providers here in Ireland and in Europe. These partners allow us to provide excellent standards of service to our ever-increasing customer base.

A Glimpse into DG McArdle International Ltd









Our drivers are the lifeblood of our business. They are our front-line representatives of our company. DG McArdle International drivers are professional drivers with full training accreditations, which are as follows:

  1. ADR

  2. GDP

  3. Aviation

Our Drivers

DG McArdle International Ltd service All of Continental Europe and United Kingdom.

Our Routes

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DG McArdle have been our transport & logistics partners for many years. I would recommend them to any company looking for a professional company that deliver

Retail Services Company

We ship perishable goods that require refrigeration and constant monitoring. DG McArdle provides us with a top class service.

Food Distribution Company

We can rely on DG McArdle International to take care of our pharmaceutical product distribution. They always deliver our products securely and on time.

Pharmaceutical Company

We care about the environment and we also care about efficiency. We manage a large fleet of vehicles and ensure they are maintained to the highest level at all times. We measure and record our fuel consumption and driving methods to ensure we are driving efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

We train our drivers for safety and efficiency regarding driving practices to help keep our operation running as smoothly as possible. While striving for efficient practices it also ensures that our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint in conjunction with our Fuel Management Program which monitors the fuel consumption and carbon emissions of the DG McArdle International Fleet.

Environmental Policy

DG McArdle International Ltd utilises the latest modern technology available. Through the integration of these technologies into the fleet, the company can provide updates as and when required to our customers.


Ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.

Technology Tracking

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